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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Together Again!!

I am so excited I think I am busting at the seams!! Tomorrow night Sarah will be in town so my three girls and I will be having dinner together!

We haven't all been together since Janet's wedding 8 weeks ago. Which is completely unacceptable but with Sarah currently living in TX is difficult to see each other much.

I was lucky enough to have talked to all three of my girls this week and it struck me how much our current state with the boys in our lives plays a huge role in our attitude towards everything else in our life! haha!

We have Janet who is in the throws of happily ever after. Everything in her life is perfect since this will be her first Christmas as a Mrs. Right now Cody could sneeze and Janet would think that rainbows were coming out of his nose. If we weren't so stinking happy for her and love her and Cody so much we would hate her!! haha!!

Then there is Bunny. She is in love! Her new beau has been around for about 2 months but its serious and they are crazy about each other. It the fun stage of excitement and newness and that possibility of a future together (which is more than likely a definite than a possibility)! Things that seemed not so great before she now sees at not such a big deal.

And Sarah and I are in that wonderful stage of navigating the dating world and all its confusion. Haha! We talked the longest on the phone this week. Switching stories of boys who we like but don't call/text enough for us to know if they are interested. Then talking about the ones that we would really like to stop calling! haha! And of course what we girls do best obsess over everything that they said and did to find the "secret meaning". And when your love life is a roller coaster so is life.

I can't wait to have all my girls around one table just talking and loving each other. I am sure there will be tons of questions, advice, "what do you thinks", and of course way to much laughter.

Tomorrow night will just not get here fast enough!!


  1. Awwww, look at you four girls!! What awesome pictures :-D Have a fab time!

  2. That is awesome you are all getting together tomorrow..I want tomorrow to be here too!!!