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Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm Here But ...

I'm not really here. This is the motto around the office this week.

We are all here physically but mentally we have checked out until after New Years. This is the worst week for your job to think that your are actually going to be productive! haha!

So I had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you all did too!

On Christmas Adam, the night before Christmas Eve is called Christmas Adam around here since Adam came before Eve, I had a much anticipated dinner with my three besties!!
We had a wonderful time at P.F. Changs and I was right there was way too much laughing. I am pretty sure that we disturbed the other patrons. But when Bunny pulled out this Christmas gift she received we couldn't help ourselves.
Yes they are Memphis Tigers spirit finger gloves! haha!

The next day we drove to Cookeville TN where my Sissy and Brother in law live. It was a perfect Christmas complete with a few inches of snow!

Sissy did an amazing job as hostess! Her house was so cutely decorated!!

I got lots of goodies from Santa. Tons of clothes, a double strand pearl necklace, some teaching books, and these cute boots!
I also got the mugs that go with my Christmas china. I was so not expecting them!!
Grenadiers Bernardaud Christmas China
But sadly today it is back to work. It is however only a four day work week! Then it is off to Dallas for New Years!! So to get me through work I have been making countdowns, it makes my time here go by a little faster if I have something to look forward to. It started with Thanksgiving then Christmas and now I have a countdown until classes start again! Everyone here at work is making fun of me but I'm a dork and I love school! Plus this means that I am officially half way to graduating with my Masters!!

Hope you all had a great Christmas!

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  1. I Love that you call the day before Christmas Eve Christmas Adam! So clever =)
    I have mentally checked out of this week too!! I was NOT ready to come back to work!
    Glad you had a fabulous Christmas -- PS: CUTE boots!