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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm Ready . . . I Think?

So I think I found my New Year's dress! I know its not even Christmas yet but there is only one week from Christmas to New Year's.

One fourth of our foursome is living in Dallas Texas right now. She is a traveling PTA so she yo-yo's back and forth between somewhere close to home to far away. Since she will not be near us for New Year's we have planned a little road trip to Dallas to celebrate with her! I am so excited to see this girl's beautiful face!!
Now for the dress . . . it's a Jessica Simpson dress, say what you want about her but the girl can make some cute dresses, shoes, and bags! It is very plain on the front but has a little leather trim on the collar, the back is leather with lace ties up it.
I am looking for some super cute shoes to go with it. I think I need some strappy up the ankle shoes. What do you think? And should I go with black or a color? If so what color? Help please!!

Last night I watched the Kansas/Tigers game! It was really close for most of the game. I am super proud of my Tigers!! We are a very young team, ranked #14, and to play within 13 pts or less to a mature #4 ranked team was amazing!! Plus it doesn't hurt that we have this cutie pootie coach! Isn't he a doll?!

Happy half way through the week!!


  1. Ow Ow!! Look at that dress! I would totally rock a pair of colored heels, just because I like to add a splash of color when I wear black... but the dress does talk for itself! ;-)

    I was going to ask you what your fans think of Memphis's coach... he's just so young-looking, but you're right-- very cute ;-)

  2. Love that dress!!! You should definitely wear colored heels with it. It would totally pop!!!

    Love Joshie! He's so cute!

  3. Love your blog! I'm your newest follower. I am a huge fan of Jessica's Simpsons clothes, bags, and shoes. I love the dress. It's very simple and then stunning when you see the back of it. I think you should go with colored shoes to add something extra.

  4. I am loving the DRESS!! :-) Super cute!