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Monday, December 6, 2010

Running in Style

I love getting a good deal!

It is no big secret that I love shopping and one of my favorite things to buy is shoes!! After the first of the year I will be getting some new shoes but they will not be my typical 4 inch heels that I love, instead it will be some new running shoes. After the half this weekend I have put about 300 miles on my current shoes, which means it is time to get some new ones.

Sunday night my coworker Ashley had a friends and family coupon for Dick's Sporting. I didn't really need anything but with a discount I figured I could go ahead a stock up on a few things.

I picked up:

two pairs of nike running shorts (regularly $28 each)

a pair of running capris (regularly $50)

two under amour shirts (regularly $30 each)

two nike running tank tops (regularly $45 each)

My total was $107!!

I got the employee discount plus an additional 10% off the already sales prices!!

I am now ready to start training for the next half marathon in April!!


  1. If I could I would wear workout clothes EVER DAY!! Love them! Cute styles you picked out!

  2. Are you serious? I should be Dick's best friend with the amount of money I spend there. That is awesome! I am so jealous!

  3. WOW!! What a fabulous deal!! I need to be friends with someone who works at a sporting goods store!

  4. WOW!! What awesome deals! I love those Nike shorts, and I need a new pair of running pants like the capris listed. All sooo cute!