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Monday, December 20, 2010

5 Week Challenge!

School is officially over!! I now have 5 weeks of freedom!

Most of you know that I love reading and with school I haven't had time. The poor stack of books by my bed has been neglected. So I plan on reading five books in my five week break.

Here are the books that I will be reading. If you have an suggestions I'd love to hear them!

I always read his books as soon as they come out but with a September release date I had to put this in the stack.

Everyone loves this one so I had to pick it up.

Emilie Lorring is one of my favorite authors. She wrote back in the 20s-40s. They are mystery love stories!

She is too funny so I can't wait to read her book.

Everyone says this book will change your life ....


  1. I've read Safe Haven and The Help, loved both! Safe Haven is one of my favorite Nicholas Sparks books...you'll love it. And The Help is close to my heart because they just wrapped up filming in my hometown of the movie for that book! It is INCREDIBLE! Must read, for sure!

  2. OOO I want to read Kristen Chenoweth!!! I LOVE her!!
    Enjoy the time off lucky girl!! =)

  3. How awesome you are doing this. I plan on reading alot in the next few week, with my little break from grad school.

  4. Safe Haven is on my list to read. Now, I just need another vacation to get all of this reading done. :)

  5. The Help is fabulous!! Enjoy!! Love Languages looks like something we should learn about... might have to pick it up soon! Have a great week, Laura!! :-)