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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Baby Think It Over

I will be spending the night tonight at the Girls INC "Baby Think it Over" program. This is my placement for Junior League this year. We will be giving the girls babies that they will have to take care of for the night.

They had some issues with the community center that they used last month and the heat not working so this weekend we will be staying in a hotel which is very exciting for the girls. Most have never stayed in a hotel before. I am just excited because that means that I will be able to get away from the crying babies for about 5 hours.

The girls are given a baby and a job. They will get a paycheck and then they have to pay for baby supplies as well as their meals. There is also the option of them going to a club, movies or a restaurant that night that we have set up in different meeting rooms in the hotel. However, they have to pay for daycare and pay for their entertainment.

The program is meant to teach them how hard it is to care for a baby and how much it costs. Several of the girls are given babies with special needs since many teenage pregnancys in their area are special needs. Some girls are not given a job they are homeless. This is where they have to get creative in how they are going to care for thier baby.

Our committee had a meeting last night and they all said how wonderfully the first retreat went! I am so excited about tonight and helping these girls!!

Happy Friday!


  1. This is a great program!!!! Have fun!

  2. what an interesting program! I would love to hear how it all turns out and how the girls handle their situations/money