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Monday, December 13, 2010

Everyone But Us!

Well this weekend the entire state of Tennessee got about a foot of snow except for Memphis! So I am at work knowing that everyone else is off playing or still sleeping in their jammies.

On a happy note this weekend was fantastic!

On Friday afternoon we finally finished decorating our Christmas tree at work. Since its mostly girls in my office we decorated in pink, blue, lime green, and some purple.

Of course we had to add some Memphis Tigers for the boys.

I blogged Friday about the Girls Inc retreat that night. It was wonderful!! The girls had a really fun time and learned that being a Teen Mom is not fun!! The other girls from the Junior League and I got a long great and it was so nice to get to know them better. I think I talked one of them into joining our little blog world?!

Saturday and Sunday I sent the the evenings at Church for our Christmas program. It went really well but we have an amazing Music Minister so its no surprise.
I also did a little shopping with Mom on Sunday. I found the most perfect shoes to go with my New Year's Eve dress. I know I asked for some help and most of you voted on color shoes and I agreed but when I stumbled upon these they were too perfect for words.

Since the dress laces up the back I thought the shoes were perfect since they lace up the front. I am planning on doing my nails a bright color and then adding a bright colored clutch to match.

I also saw these shoes and just heard them calling to me. I have no idea what I will wear them to but I am sure I can come up with something!

Hope your weekend was wonderful!


  1. Loving the heels! :-) You are styling girl!

  2. Love the heels!!!
    Sounds like a great weekend!
    brr I am not a snow girl lol