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Friday, June 25, 2010

Hi I'm Laura (Hi Laura)

And I am a hopeless romantic. haha!!

Sometimes I feel like I need to go to an HRA (Hopeless Romantics Anonymous) meeting. I love so much old movies where men still pursue woman, and they are gentleman! Any day of the week I will pick to watch a good chick flick or pick up a Nicholas Sparks book!

Wednesday I had a little extra time before going to church so I hopped in to Barnes in Noble. I know if you read my last post you know that I don't have time to read but I just love going to a bookstore and looking around. While I was browsing I found two books that I have to get when I start reading again.

This is the description on the inside cover:

Remember the wonderfully romantic book of love letters that Carrie reads aloud to Big in the recent blockbuster film, Sex and the City? Fans raced to buy copies of their own, only to find out that the beautiful book didn't actually exist. However, since all of the letters referenced in the film did exist, we decided to publish this gorgeous keepsake ourselves.

A second book was published shortly after. This is the description on its cover:

As a companion to Love Letters of Great Men, this anthology gives the other side of the story: the secret hopes and lives of some of the greatest women in history, from writers and artists to politicians and queens. From the private papers of Anne Boleyn and Jane Austen to those of Emily Dickinson and Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, Love Letters of Great Women collects together some of the most romantic letters in history.

Oh I can't wait to have time to read again and grab these little treasures!


The only issue with my wonderful little trip was when my mom was checking out they asked her if she would like to sign up and get a membership card. She would save 10% on every purchase. I am intrigued because I have a card for Borders already! With Borders I got the card for free and then every time after a purchase I would get an email from them with a 20% of coupon for next time!

So I asked the friendly clerk how much would it be to become a member? It is $25 a year! What?! So in a year I would have to spend $250 to just break even because you only save 10% each time. The average book cost $25 or $30 dollars, I splurge and the the hardback! So I would have to buy 10 books a year. I probably by about 7 or 8 so I would not even break even and forget saving any money?!

Are any of y'all members of Barnes and Noble? Am I wrong? Cause that just does not sound like a good plan to me?

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Stick with Borders! I wonder if B&N really sell many of their memberships??

  2. My family belongs - and we're book buyers. I think it's a good deal for families. We get coupons all the time for extra discounts, free gift cards, free drinks from the cafe (of which you also get your 10% off at), and you get an extra 10% off new releases that are already marked down 30-45%. So, yeah, it's a good deal - maybe not for an individual, but it works well if more than one person uses it.

  3. I love Borders, it's probably my fave book store between the two. I'm also a hopeless romantic and will definitely have to run out and purchase both of those books!