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Friday, June 4, 2010

Swimsuit Season

Well it is swimsuit season! I know how excited everyone is to put on that little bikini. Haha yea right!

Bunny and I had lunch yesterday, like we do every Thursday, and we decided to get get a personal trainer and split the time and the cost.

We already have a gym membership and they offer personal trainers for an extra fee. We feel like we need someone to push us. When we workout together we have a tendency of stopping if we get tired. Or saying "That's close enough". haha!

The task of getting all the information has gone to Bunny. She is looking into it on Monday. So my question to all of you is have you ever had a personal trainer? Am I going to regret this?

My goal is to really tone up but not to get bulky looking. It is not cute when you look like one of those body builder women. haha!

These are my inspiration women.

Jessica Biel:

Kelly Ripa:

And she has even had three kids so I should totally be able to do it right?

Happy Friday Ya'll!


  1. Good luck, we are also trying to get back in shape for summer. Let us know if you have any helpful tips!!

  2. Kelly Ripa is amazing and my husband looove Jessica Biel!! Good women to look up to :-) I've never had a personal trainer before-- GOOD LUCK!

  3. Where are you a member Laura? I was a member at 24 hour fitness for almost 2 years, and have now done the unthinkable and joined French Riviera.

    24 has a wide-range of classes, but I rarely saw any change in my body. I went to a class called aeroboxing with a friend of mine at French and it KICKED my tail. My body has been changing on a weekly basis now. From what I hear they also have great personal trainers.

    To supplement the work-out, I HIGHLY suggest protein shake before or after you work out. It helps to restore and build muscle. That's probably also a factor in my body actually getting results. I've also been making sure to eat fiber in the morning and snacking on protein bars and healthy stuff during the day. The shake after my workout is dinner, but I usually have a snack as well.

    That's my 2 cents - even though I have more :) If you want recs on protein that doesn't taste like chalk and protein bars... email me on FB so I don't take up any more space :)