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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Take Me to the Theater

Last night we had our first meeting about FCA Camp! For the last three years we have hosted an inner city football team at my church and provide them a place to practice and have camp as well as teach them about Christ. Basically I just get to love on them and cater to their every need. And that is something that they don't get a home.

This year we have the ability, and space, to host two teams! This will be very challenging but I am sure we can handle it. God will provide everything we need, I know it! My biggest fear is not being able to give each player enough individual attention. But again I am sure that each one will feel very loved!

Oh I am so excited!!

Central High School- This is their Fourth year

Douglass High School- First year at any camp

Tonight Bunny and I are heading downtown. We are going to enjoy a movie at the Orpheum. I love the Orpheum! It is so Memphis and I have seen so many wonderful movies and Broadway shows there!

The movie tonight is A Philadelphia Story, which I LOVE!! And I am wearing a cute new dress. It is fuchsia and has a zipper all the way up the back so I had to wear these shoes with it!

Get excited it's almost the weekend!!

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  1. Awww have fun! We're gonna have to go see some movies this summer, too!