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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh Happy Week

I am on a super high right now! This Friday I am going with my Twilight bestie, Candice, to see ECLIPSE!!!

I am so super excited about this movie because it was my favorite book! It like everything is finally coming together for Bella and Edward.

We are looking around to find out which theater we think will be least crowded. But I am sure it is going to be packed everywhere.

We are also thinking of places to eat before hand. For those who live in Memphis if you have a favorite place in the Wolfchase area let me know!

I also think I need a really fun shirt to wear that night! I have seen some that says "real men sparkle". I might get that one. Have you seen any other cute shirts?

Do you have big Eclipse plans?


  1. Hey Laura,

    We saw the movie last night at Cordova. I took my teenage son since we've both read all of the books.

    I thought it was pretty good and funny in parts.

    What did you think? Where did you see it?

    I like your blog!