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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Barefoot in Barcelona!!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

I have a couple of topics I must discuss with you!!

First my BFF, Bunny, had this nail polish on and I fell in love with it! We are deeply addicted to OPI nail polish. I love You Don't Know Jacques because it is a neutral grey color but it is a little dark for spring time. So this color is perfect! It is called Barefoot in Barcelona. I loved it so much that I called around today to both Targets and Trade Secret to see who had it and then spent my lunch time going to pick it up!

Secondly, I am really excited about the upcoming Oscars! The Blind Side was nominated for Best Picture and Sandra Bullock was nominated for Best Actress. I am so happy for them because I love this movie. It has such a good message about this Christian woman making a difference in a boy's life! However, as I perused the nomination list I noticed something missing . . . Quinton Aaron's name!! I think he should have been nominated for Best Supporting Actor! In my opinion he was incredible. He made me feel for him and love the character and I think he deserved recognition for that!!

Lastly, this is for all you runners out there! The Junior League of Memphis is hosting 5k for Kids, Taking Steps to End Childhood Obesity, it will be held on May 8th. I am in charge of assisting the advertising chair and would love for ya'll to consider attending. It is really easy to sign up, you just need to go to the Junior League's website. We will have more information coming out the closer it gets to race day. Please at least consider running so we can raise some money to help our Kids in the Kitchen and other Memphis organizations that require our funding!


  1. Loving that color! I am an OPI junkie! haha
    Hope your having a great day! xoxo

  2. That color is great..OPI is the way to go for sure! :-)

  3. I just bought "The Blind Side" book! I can't wait to read it, and then I'll see the movie.