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Monday, February 15, 2010

My Secret Admirer

Well my Valentine's Day did not go as planned. Bobby was flying in Friday night and then having to go back to Florida on Sunday morning.

However, once he arrived in Charlotte for his connecting flight it began to snow. He had left his cell phone at the office so he was calling me on pay phones and people's cell phones. After about 5 flight time changes he gets notice that all planes are grounded due to the snow. I get a phone call from him once he gets in the hotel for the night letting me know that he was not going to be able to make it. We were both very upset! He tried everything he could to get to Memphis (including jumping up yelling "I'm going to Memphis tonight! Whose with me?" and actually getting four other people to run with him to the rent a car place! But that closed about 30 mins before they got there).

He was able to fly out to Orlando the next morning to go home but every flight to Memphis was booked. So what did I do for Valentine's day? Well I talked to Bobby about 30 times Saturday and did a little retail therapy. Dillard's was having a sale on BCBG dresses, which are my favorite. So I bought four for $220, and that's a steal they usually cost that for one! I also snagged four new Ralph Lauren shirts for $125 and a new Ralph Lauren swimsuit, had to pay full price for that.

Here is one of the dresses!

When I got home from shopping I did have two dozen beautiful red roses and a sweet card waiting for me. As you can tell by the note these were ordered before the cancelled flight. haha! Very sweet though! I also got a very sweet call from Bobby's mom just checking on me to make sure I was okay!

Then I went to Huey's with Bunny and to the Cheese Cake Corner! YUMMM! If you are in Memphis go there immediately!

Sunday was Church followed by a Julia Roberts Marathon! I caught Pretty Woman on Lifetime and then decided that I needed to watch My Best Friends Wedding too! If it wasn't so late when it was over I would have watched Something to Talk About too!! As I watched My Best Friends Wedding I started thinking why did they not make a sequel to it? They could have done one where it is her wedding. I would have loved to see that, and you know its not too late for it (wink wink)!! I also wondered why do we not see more of Mr. Dermot Mulroney? He is such a cutie! I vote for more movies with him in them!

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!


  1. Oh, I'm so with you on the "My Best Friend's Wedding" sequel! Juls could get married, George could be her "man of honor," and Michael and Kim would attend with their twins! Hm... maybe we should just write it! That has been my fav movie since I saw it in the theater, oh, 13 years ago???

  2. I was just telling someone about him the other day...he's always been on my short list of favorite hotties!

  3. Glad you had a nice weekend! :-) Love that dress!!!!

  4. I was a total victim of the Friday-before-Valentine's-Day-snow-day-Airport-mayhem! I just posted my blog about it so you'll have to read. Seeing yours and Bobby's story, I feel so sad. I can't believe mine worked out. But he's a great boyfriend to make you feel special from far away!!!

    PS- Dermot could be in every movie from here to eternity and I'd be a happy lady!!! He's a hottie!