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Monday, February 22, 2010

Lazy Weekend!

This weekend was wonderful! I had a awful week at work so the weekend was full on nothing and just recuperating.

I did get my self very organized since I left my house very little.

Friday night I just watched an old movie and feel asleep it was blissful!

Saturday I made copies of my passport, license and travel documents for the parents. Just in case they don't let me back in the country after the cruise, woo-hoo 11 days til we leave! I made sure that the hotel was booked and began to plan out what clothes I am taking. There was no packing yet, that is next weekends task! And thought a lot about how I can't wait to be in the Bahamas on a cruise ship with no distractions!
I did venture out to get dinner with one fourth of the amazing friends in my life! The Bunny!

Sunday was church! I went to a new Sunday School class which I really enjoyed! The lesson this week was on deciding if you were going to follow God's will or not, even though that by saying yes he might take you through the wilderness. Once home I did my Bible study and fixed my IPOD. It was having some issues, okay it was mostly user error. But it is working now and ready for the cruise itself!

I am looking forward to this week being much smoother and hopefully fast! I am ready for the weekend already so I can pack and get going on some relaxation time!

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