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Friday, February 12, 2010

Ready For A Close Up

Last night on Project Runway the designers had to create a look for Hedi to wear on the cover of Marie Claire. The challenge with this was that it has to have a strong color and still look amazing once it is cropped to fit the magazine. Here are my favorites from least to most.
The detail on this dress was great! It would still look good after being cropped but the color was not the best! It would not stand out in a magazine rack.
The red color is wonderful. It has some detail with the ribbons but it would not be too busy with the story lines being written over it. I also love that when the designer was being critiqued he just pulled out scissors and cut off what they didn't like.

This would look great on a cover. It has bold colors and different textures! Plus it has a stinkin cute peek-a-boo back!

This dress is the best!! I would go out and buy it today if I could. It is the perfect color and alot of volume but it also has a slimming affect.

Happy Friday!! Hope you all enjoy your weekend!!


  1. Love all those dresses!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. I think I like the second or last one the best. The third is too busy for me.