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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Need Some Sunshine!!

I need a little light in my life right now! Yesterday was probably the worst day ever at work! The majority was spent "helping" others with their job which lead me to neglect mine. I literally did not get up from my desk all day! Then at the end of the day I had a client that wanted to very loudly share her concerns with me.

Once I got home I did not want anyone to talk to me! I took a scalding hot shower until I was wrinkled. As God and I had our nightly talk, yes talk he listens and responds to me, I asked him for a better day today. His response was "pray for the client". I wanted to laugh, yea right she was mean and awful; the last thing I wanted to do was think about her. But He told me again. So did pray for her last night. And as soon as I did I immediately felt so much better. As I prayed I realized that I have no idea what is or was going on in her life. She could be going through something very hard and just got carried away.

Today has been much better so far. I had a lot to get done this morning, leftovers from yesterdays neglect. As began to feel better I noticed the sun coming up! Hello friend! I have missed you! We have been covered in snow lately with tempertures around the 20s so the sun is a very much welcomed sight. Maybe Spring is just around the corner! It is amazing how some sunlight can perk you right up!

In my excitement of the changing weather I thought I would post some pictures of what this means!
Dresses, Dresses, & more cute Dresses!

Cute shoes and pedicures!

Cruise Time!! Only 3 weeks away!

Hope you are all getting ready for the warmer weather! I know I am!!

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