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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Breaking Free

As of Wednesday I will be starting a new Beth Moore Bible Study, Breaking Free. I am so excited about it! I love me some Beth. I just feel like we are BFF. I have done several of her studies but most of them have been on a particular book of the Bible but this one is about breaking yourself free from all your personal captivity. So I am really looking forward to diving in to God's Word and seeing what He wants to tell me!

Here is the actual description of the study:

Breaking Free: The Journey, The Stories by Beth Moore leads you through a study of the Scriptures to discover the transforming power of Christian freedom. Based on Isaiah 61:1-4, this in-depth Bible study draws parallels between the captive Israelites and today's believers. Beth uses Scripture to help identify spiritual strongholds in your life, no matter how big or small. She explains that anything that hinders us from the benefits of knowing God is bondage. Breaking Free is Beth's life message that she wants to share with you.

Last night at my Church choir practice we sang this song, which is new to us, and I loved it. I feel like this song goes so well with the Bible study I will be starting. So to begin to get me into a prayful heart each day of the 11 week study I will begin my days but listening to this song.

Almost the weekend! Woo-hoo! My honey will be back in town at least for a day or so!!


  1. hahaha i love it...you and beth are bff! haha! ive heard wonderful things about breaking free!

  2. How awesome! I am happy to hear that you are doing this!! Good for you!! Keep us posted on how it goes!!