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Monday, March 22, 2010

Back to Work

How was everyones weekend? I was not ready to come back to work this morning but for some reason the government does not want to pay me for just being me?! Imagine that?!

I did have a wonderful weekend though. Friday night Bunny and I watched the last game of the Tigers season. They did a great job this year with Cal taking off and leaving us high and dry (yes I am still bitter). Next year is going to be amazing! After all we do have the number one recruiting class!!

After the game we had dinner and then saw The Bounty Hunter! It was really cute! The perfect date movie because is has the love story for us girls and then action and a "who done it" plot for the fellas. However, I was not okay with the fact that to see this I had for fork out $10! Movie tickets just keep going up! Its crazy!

Saturday I went to a lovely shower for my friend Lauren, who is getting married on June 19th. She looked so happy! However, her and her fiance were robbed at gun point later that night so please say a prayer for them. They are a bit shaken up, of course!

Even though I was not ready to go back to work I am very much ready for this week! I finally got my knee brace off so today I get to SLOWLY begin working out again. I am so glad because I have felt lazy these last 3 months!

I also will be getting my devotional book in this week. I have mentioned in an earlier post that Bobby and I were going to start a Bible study together and now that he is all settled in we are going to start it this week! YAY! Bobby has also started visiting some churches down there in Melbourne so please pray that he finds the one God is calling him to! I just love how my man loves Jesus! I will keep ya'll up to date on the Bible study!

Happy Monday Girls!


  1. OMG! I am certainly glad your future newlywed friends are ok! Scary! I think I really want to see "The Bounty Hunter," and my boyfriend didn't seem opposed to it, so maybe we'll go check it out. Thanks for the quick review.

    Let me know how you like those devotionals... they look like something my boyfriend and I could start doing together as well!

  2. Ummm...you forgot to mention us going to get a mani...any me a pedi...after work on Friday. Gosh, thanks! Haha just kidding :) I cant wait to see Bounty Hunter...not take your butt to Remember Me and stop doubting me!