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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wishful Wednesday Olympics

'I wish' .... I could have gone to the 2010 Winter Olympics to see one event, and it would have been the men's half-pipe!

This is actually true for me. I did not go to the Olympics but this is the only event I watched. I feel unpatriotic to admit this but I am not a huge fan of the Winter Olympics. I do enjoy watching some figure skating. And I did watch the half pipe because of Shaun White. (Bunny on the other hand is a huge Olympic fan. She kept me up to date with her medal count on her IPhone.) Shaun is an amazing athlete! And he is so good at this event! He did far better than any other competitor. They say that he gets a crazy amount of air!

I much rather watch the Summer Olympics, however! I mean come on you have gymnastics, which I think I like because I was a gymnast and a cheerleader, and Micheal Phelps! haha! I am so ready for the 2012 Olympics!!

If you want to play along on Wednesdays head over to Kelsey's blog and join the fun!


  1. hahaha I love him. Hes so cute. Great choice :)

  2. I too love the Summer olympics! I work at a gym, so it gets really exciting when the gymnastics starts!! I totally picked Shaun White too :)

  3. The Flying Tomato! He is insane! So much fun to watch. I wish the Olympics came around more often!

  4. Stupid internet. I tried to leave a comment. Don't know if it worked. Love your blog! We need to get you more followers!