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Monday, March 1, 2010

Just Making It Through The Week

Only 5 days to go!! This weekend I will be on my way to some sun and much needed relaxation! I am spending the weekend in Orlando. This is the Princess Half Marathon that I was suppose to run with the girls but since I am still sporting my super cool knee brace I am out of the race. However, I will still be there to cheer on my girls and play in the park!

I will also get to see this handsome man! I have not seen him in 5 weeks so I am very excited to just even look at him. haha! I have missed him with all my heart!

On Monday we will be leaving on our annual girls cruise! This year we decided to go to the Bahamas. We are planning on laying in the sun and swimming with the Sea Lions. And I believe I see a hot stone massage in my future!

I have been so busy during the week lately that I packed all the clothes last night. Now I will just need to add in the things it takes for me to get ready the morning I leave. I do still need to get my nails done this week sometime. I am really excited that I can use a cute spring/summer color! It is offically time to put away the dark nail colors and I could not be more excited! I think the color I am going to use is Party in my Cabana!

Hurry up weekend! I can't wait!!


  1. Let me know how the princess marathon is. I know a lot of people participating this year!

  2. I'm sooooo soo excited you get to see your man!! And soooo jealous you get to go on a cruise :)

  3. Oh, how awesome you get to go on a vacation. I am sure it is much needed! Hope your knee gets better! Bummer! Take lots of pictures! :-) Really hope you have a wonderful time!!

  4. Have a great time on your cruise! A hot stone massage sounds so good this week and so does a pedicure! I love Party in my Cabana, it's such a fun color!