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Friday, March 26, 2010

You Don't Have To Win The Crown To Be The Queen

Thank Goodness It's Friday!! I am ready for the weekend! This weather is seriously playing with my allergies. I am now on hour 52 of allergy meds. Yuck!! So I have big plans for sleeping and trying to fight the pollen this weekend!

Last night was very sad for me on Project Runway, Anthony was out! This is the first time that I was not happy about who got sent home (I would have picked Mila or Jonathan). I agreed with the judges that he does keep giving us the same style dress but with different designs but I just loved him! He was so funny. I seriously laughed out loud while watching him. I think he is an amazing designer and that he has a wonderful future ahead of him. We will miss you Anthony, but we are excited to see what you do next!! Just remember your favorite saying "You Don't Have To Win The Crown To Be The Queen"!

Here is my favorite dress of Anthony's! It was on the cover of Marie Claire's March issue!

Now for my favorite picks! I liked both looks because both desingers stayed true to their style and still gave the judges what they were looking for with the prints. Seth Aaron's design is a little to rocker for me but is it wonderfully made and very detailed! The best thing about Emilio's design is the color. I like the bold bule!

Seth Aaron's design

Emilio's design

Hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I was so bummed to see my little Anthony go home!! He was by FAR my favorite and always made the show so much more entertaining with his sense of humor and funny sayings. I'll miss him...

    Have a great weekend, girl!

  2. I really need to start watching this show! I have a seen a few episodes but never been a faithful watcher. I love that blue dress too!!!!!

  3. I agree, I need to watch this show!! I am catching up on blog reading...got behind this week...crazy at work!! Have a wonderful weekend!!