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Friday, March 5, 2010

Fashion Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I am so ready for the day to be over already! That way I can offically start my vacation! I will be in the middle of the ocean next week so there will be no blogging. I am very sad about that! But I will be getting to see my honey this weekend before the cruise, YAY!!

Now on to Project Runway Round Up! The challenge was to create a look using only materials from a hardware store. Here are my picks!

This one is not my favorite. I do not care for the look but it amazes me that this was made intirely out of trash bags, including the belt! I think the designer use the materials wonderfully even if I do not love the style. This was actually the winner of the challenge.

This design was made from mesh for wall patching. I love the color I love that it is femine but also has the hardware belt. The judges did not like that Anthony made it so soft and he was in the bottom 3. I do not think he deserved to be there at all!

This dress is made totally of sandpaper! I love the fan on the chest! I also like that it kept with the look of the hard material but also looked flirty!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Talk to you all next Monday!

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  1. that first one is insane...cant believe that its made out of trash bags! im gonna be missing you next week :(