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Friday, April 9, 2010

Bryant Park Fashion Week

Happy Friday Everyone!! It is the weekend time but first we have to discuss Project Runway!

The designers going to Bryant Park are Emilio and Seth Aaron for sure!! They both did an amazing job on last nights show. I wanted for both of them to make it. Both Emilio and Seth Aaron were consistant and always stayed true to their style. They deserve to be at Fashion Week. The challenge was to create a runway look inspired by the circus. The hard part was to make it not look costume like.

Emilio's Design:

Seth Aaron's Design:

Mila and Jay are both going to create collections and then the judges will decide who will be the third in Fashion Week. I did not think either of thier designs were that great. Of course I would have loved to see Anthony make it but he was sent home.

Mila's Design:

Jay's Design:

So again we say good-bye to Anthony. He won some amazing challenges! His dress was on Hedi on the cover of Marie Claire and Jessica Alba will be wearing his dress on the red carpet. Way to go Anthony! I look forward to seeing what you do now!

Anthony's last design on Project Runway. I thought she looked beautiful! It was circus inspired but she still looked like a lady!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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