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Thursday, April 8, 2010


Sorry blog buddies! I have been a little MIA this week. Work has been insane lately! But I had to blog about my co-worker Ashley!

Candice and I are in love with Twilight! We talk about it often, especially since our favorite book, Eclipse, is coming out soon! Ashley had never read them and thought she should so she could know what we were talking about all the time. So everyday we asked her "how are you liking it?". She would tells us that it was okay but that was all. Well when she finally got around to Eclipse we were sure this is where her love for it would kick in . . . no such luck! We couldn't believe it! Eclipse is the book where everything you always want to happen happens! So she comes in this morning and informs us that she is 1/4 through Breaking Dawn and will not be finishing it. She was hating it! Don't get me wrong Breaking Dawn was not my favorite but she didn't like any of them?!

What book was your favorite?

While I am talking about co-workers, I have to mention Mark! He has begun reading my blog and has been waiting for me to mention him! Mark is wonderful. Candice Mark and I all have girl talk a couple of times a week. You just have to love Mark! And everyone take notice because he has told me that he will be famous one day and you will want to tell your children that you have seen him! haha!
Hang in there! It's almost Friday!!


  1. I don't know who this Mark guy is, but he looks like a great guy. I can tell he is going places.

  2. How could you not like the books?!?! OMG... that's so sad, haha

  3. So a couple of months before Breaking Dawn came out, I found Twilight in a bookstore. I bought it and read it in one night. I had to go the next day to get the other two, and they were eliminated two days later. It's the worst feeling having to wait for a book in a series to be released. And even worse having to wait in frikkin Africa for the movies to come out with no hope of watching in a theatre. GAH!

    so to answer your question.. i like the first best

    although I will say the scene in the snow when Bella is passed between Edward and Jacob b/c their temperatures are just too extreme for her for a long time is one of my favorite.