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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wishful Wednesday . . .

'I wish' .... I could go back and spend one day working at a job from my youth, and it would be St. Mary's School for Girls!!

I worked at St. Mary's throughout college. I worked at the aftercare program, which worked great for my school schedule, and during their summer program. I adored these little girls! With it being an all girls school it was very girlie. Every theme day was a princess or fairy day! How could you not love that?
Girls could enroll at the age of three for Pre Kindergarden, so by the time I left I had seen many of these girls grow up. Acutally this weekend when I saw the ballet one of the girls I had in my class was dancing!

Several of the girls have now found me on facebook, they are getting to the age to have facebook?! But I love when I see them out and about. They still run over to me just like when they were in the first grade! It is really sweet! So I would want to go back and work there for a day!

What job would you like to work from your youth? Play along with Wishful Wednesday at Kelsey's Blog.

Halfway to the weekend!


  1. great job to have had! It is so cool to work with little girls, especially because you get to see their individual personalities developing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Those little girls are too cute!

  3. Great pics! Sounds like it was a great job. I took Driver's Ed there. :)

  4. I think my daughter would like to be a member of that afterschool program!

  5. Oh how fun! I started out in college in Elem. Edu and worked at a daycare after classes...gotta say these kiddos were brats and totally made me rethink my career. haha

    I wish I had had an experience as good as yours...these girls sound precious! Hope your having a great week! xoxo

  6. I bet they all LOVED you!!! How great to be able to have them find you now through Fbook!