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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rhett and Link

Have any of ya'll heard about these guys? They are so funny!!

This weekend my Sissy introduced me to these videos from this duo!

For some reason I can not get the youtubes to embed into the blog but here are the links! This one is my favorite!! It is the Taco Bell song. Do you remember a while back where everyone was doing those drive thru raps? Well this is their version!!

Sissy told me that she had no idea what cornhole was?! How has she ever tailgated, gone to a frat house or just had a BBQ in the south without cornhole?! It is still amazing to me. So we found Rhett and Link's Cornhole Song and educated her on the subject!

The best part about Rhett and Link is their story! Check out their website and read it! The Background Story is too funny!

Now for a Daddy update! First off thank you all so much for your prayers! Daddy had his biopsy yesterday morning but during it his lung collapsed. So they admitted him into the hospital and got his lung back up. He has a tube in it right now sucking out the extra air. This morning they did an x-ray and an EKG, since he has had heart issues. They think he will be able to go home today!! But we will not have the results of the biopsy until Thursday, so please keep praying that it comes back clear!

I spent a couple of hours yesterday with him and some more again last night!! I told him we needed a picture so I could blog about it and make him famous! haha! He was in some pain so he is not the happiest camper in this picture! hahahaha!!


  1. Laura, I just wanted to tell you that your father is absolutely in my prayers. He's so lucky to have such a sweet daughter, and you're so fortunate to be able to be there to cheer him up! Hope you have a great week xox

  2. I hope your father's biopsy results come back with nothing but good news! Saying a little prayer for him now.

  3. Sending prayers his way! I am sure everything will turn out fine :)