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Friday, April 16, 2010

Then There Were Three . . .

Happy Friday!! I am so excited that it is time for the weekend!

Last night was amazing with Mark Richt!! I managed to meet him and get him to sign the book, Top Dawgs. However, the dinner lasted until 9 so I didn't get home in time to watch Project Runway. Thankfully it had an encore showing right after so I stayed up til about midnight just so I would be able to blog about last nights episode! haha!

It was the show down between Mila and Jay. Now neither is my favorite. I really wanted Emilio, Seth Aaron and Anthony to make it, so since two of my picks are in I don't care too much who makes the third spot. But I guess I leaned more towards Jay just because Mila gets on my nerves! She is just mean. So of course she made it to Bryant Park. I can not wait until next week for the season finale and to see the designers entire collections! They are going to be amazing!!

Here are the designs from last night.



Now for a Funny Friday:

Yesterday my BFF, Bunny, sent me this email.

Subject: New Cell Phone Law

Cell phones - New Law (2010)
According to new law that goes into effect soon you will no longer be able to use a cell phone while driving unless you have a 'hands free' adapter.
I went to Circuit City and they wanted $50 for a headset with a microphone for my cell phone. Having a friend in the cell phone business, I talked with him and was able to come up with an alternative, working through Office Depot.

These kits are compatible with any mobile phone and one size fits all. I paid him $0.08 each because he bought in quantity.

Then we tried it with Motorola, Sprint, Verizon and Nokia units and they worked perfectly. A photo is attached of a Memphis man using one so scroll down & take a look and let me know if you want one.

Also, forward this to anyone you know, who has a cell phone, and who may want one!

There was then a picture on this email. However, Mark (my coworker) decided we would reenact this picture. Here it is! haha!

Hope you have an amazing weekend!


  1. Happy weekend lady!!! I am a lover of Project Runway!

  2. I was bummed that Mila was sent through, too! All through the competition, Seth Aaron and Anthony were my faves, so I'm just happy at least one of them made it to Bryant Park! Go SA!!