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Monday, April 12, 2010

Starting Off A New Week

Happy Monday Everyone!! I hope your week is starting off great! We had Internet problems this morning at my office so I got a late start, which isn't bad! haha!

How was your weekend friends? Mine was great! I went to the sweetest, Christ centered wedding Friday night. It was beautiful and I hope the new Mr. & Mrs. Nason will be very happy!

Saturday Bunny and I went to see The Last Song. It was good! Much better than Dear John!! I am now dying for Mr. Sparks to come out with his new book, but I am sure that it will not be until this Fall. As Bunny and I watched the movie we decided that Miley has some great taste in her on/off screen beau. Kudos Miley, Kudos!

Sunday was of course Church day. I really enjoyed my Sunday School class. We talked about what crisis's we are experiencing and what God is trying to tell/teach us through them. I am a planner. I love to-do lists and knowing where I'm going and what is going to happen. I think God is teaching me to depend on him and to not worry about tomorrow that everything is in His hands and in His perfect time.

That night I watched the much anticipated season premiere of Army Wives! It was wonderful and I could not be more excited that it is back. If you have not watched it I encourage you to rent the past three seasons and catch up. During the show I got a wonderful surprise!! There is a new Sex and the City 2 trailer. If you want to see it just click on this link! It has a surprise guest coming back!!

I can't wait for Sex and the City! Hurry up May 27th!!

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  1. I can't wait for SATC either! I just finished watching all of the seasons on DVD, and I have the first movie coming next week. So excited!