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Thursday, April 15, 2010

What Was That Percentage?!?!

Happy almost weekend bloggers!!

Last night was Bible Study night! I look forward to Wednesday nights for so many reasons. My momma and I do Bible Studies together so I enjoy sharing that time with her. I also love just being in God's Holy Word with a group of women. I enjoy Beth Moore so much and I follow her studies usually. This semester is no different. I am sure I have already told you how I am going through her Breaking Free study. Our lesson last week was about the captivity of activity. So in honor of breaking free from that we took a week off and just enjoy some fellowship last night, and food of course since we are Southern Baptist women!
While fellowshipping and eating we got a special treat. A wonderful family in our Church, the Horners, shared their testimony. It started 10 years ago when they got married. They were young, just 17. The situation was not what they had planned, but they were being blessed with a sweet little baby. From there on they were involved in church raised their children in a Godly home however Micheal was keeping a big secret. He was addicted to pornography. It started at a young age when he had seen it in another family members home in elementry school.
This of course lead him in to some affairs and on and on. This was kept a secret because pornography is not something that is discussed in the church. The stastics show that 70% of men in church struggle with this addiction, as do 30% of women. Micheal realized that he needed to be transparent and to confess his addiction. Through that God literally rocked their marriage. They seperated and went to counseling and during thier time apart God took that time to work on them indivually and brought them together again!
They are still healing from this but are listening to God's call to make more people aware of the struggle facing men and young boys. 70% if churched men?! That is huge!! They are finding how God wants to use them so please pray for direction for thier ministry. I have a wonderful interview with them on CD if anyone would like to have a copy please send me a message, don't leave a comment if you don't want to, I would love to get it to you!
More proof that this is a major issue is Clay Cross. He was one of the most amazing Christian singers in the 90s but he also struggled with pornography. Clay and his wife have a ministry called Holy Homes. Please visit their site and hear the way God worked in their lives too!

On a less serious note I am so excited to be going tonight to hear Mark Richt speak at an FCA fundraising dinner!! YAY!!


  1. Wow.. what a strong couple to go through all that and stay together! Though of course, I never respect anyone that has an affair, this is truly and example of "till death to us part". They obviously are VERY devoted and we could all learn something!

  2. I cant wait to hear all about it!

    PS...I dont wanna hear anything else about not reading your blog...I stayed up extra late for you tonight haha!