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Monday, April 19, 2010

It's Official . . . I'm In Love With TIM TEBOW

I just could not wait til tomorrow to post this!! Momma and I just got back from Jackson and listening to Tim Tebow speak! He did an amazing job! He was funny and heartfelt, it was perfect. We sat in the balcony but we still had really good seats!

After the dinner I told Mom to drive around back so I could get my picture with Tim. She was a little unsure but I told her this is how I have met many celebrities, waiting by their tour bus after a show (she didn't quite care for that information, hahaha). So Mr. Tebow finally comes out and all his security blocks us, about 25 of us, off from getting near him. They said he would not sign autographs but pictures were okay. PERFECT, all I wanted was a picture! The security informed me that I was confused. . . I could take pictures of him getting in his car. Wow that sucks! So I take some pictures of him getting in his car and he starts to wave at me!! It was awesome!

I get back in the car with Momma and tell her what happened and right at that time his a police car, his car, a media car, and another police car pull out in front of us! I told Mom how I heard that they were taking him to the airport so we should follow them and get my picture there. Remember we are in Jackson TN the airport only has two planes! haha!

As we start driving Tim sees me and starts waving at me! It is like a dream come true!! So we are laughing and waving at each other as we drive to the airport. Mom and I turn into the airport and his caravan turns in at another entrance for private planes. So I see that their is a gate and a man that I think is a security guard tells me that I can just go into the airport. So I follow him in there and see Tim!! We are the only people at the Jackson airport at 9:30 at night! I asked him for a picture and he says okay.

After the picture I thank him and tell him that I figured he owed me a picture. This caught him off guard and he started laughing asked why. At the dinner when you got your tickets you could write a question and he would answer some, mine was not picked. So I tell him he owes me because he didn't get to answer my question. Tim then asks what my question was? It was "My church host and FCA Football Camp every year for inner city schools. If you have one piece of advice for them what would it be"? He thinks for a second and tells me that it is a really good question and he would tell them "To pray and listen to God. And listen to what He is telling them His plan is for their life." Then I told him to have a safe flight and thanks for the picture!! It was the best night of my life!! All to find out that the media from the television station in Jackson has been there taping us! haha! Now I have to see if I can get the tape of us talking!

I just couldn't wait to tell ya'll!! I wonder if I am going to get any sleep tonight?!?!


  1. hahahahahaha you sound like one of those crazy stalker people...


  3. Aw Laura I am so excited for you!!!!! It pays to stalk :) ha! No but seriously he is amazing! I am so glad he actually stood there and talked to you! It shows he is just as amazing as we thought he was!!!!

  4. That is AWESOME!!! Good for you, this is why I justify my stalking, lol.