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Monday, April 26, 2010

Stop All That Static . . .

This is a phrase my Sister and I have hear alot! When we were little we would have slumber parties in each others rooms. We would of course begin to giggle causing my Daddy to come in there and tell us to "Stop all that static!". This would send us into another round of uncontrollable laughter because who says that! haha! He began to say that to us even more when he realized how funny it was to us.

As we grew up we had less and less slumber parties together but when we would go on vacation we would be in the same room and all the sudden we become 6 and 10 again! This weekend was no exception!
Sissy got here Friday night and we had dinner together after work. That night I had gotten her a little "I'm so happy to spend the weekend with you" present. She loves Designing women so I got her the first season. We stayed up way too late watching it!

This clip was one that we watched and that always reminds me of my Sissy!

Saturday we got up and went with Momma to hear Beth Moore speak! It was really really good! 300,000 women from all over the country watched and worshipped together!

That night we went to eat at the Majestic. If you have never been you need to go and get the grilled cheese, I know grilled cheese sounds funny but it is so good and its not the traditional grilled cheese. After dinner we saw Sleeping Beauty the ballet. I have season tickets and this was the last performance this season. It was beautiful!! And for dessert after the show we went to the Cheesecake Corner, another must if you have not experienced it! Sissy was so happy when she found out that they ship cheesecakes, so she can get them in Cookeville!

Sunday was Church followed by some shopping at Sephora! I love that store. It is so much fun. I got this concealer that I have heard so much about, its Boi-ing from Benefit! I am loving it already!

I had a perfect weekend with my Sissy! I adore her husband more than anyone could know but it was really fun to just have her this time!

I also wanted to ask ya'll to keep my Daddy in your prayers this week. The doctors have found a little spot on his lung and they are not sure what it is. He is not a smoker but they are still wanting to check on it. This morning he is having a biopsy and we should know the results on Thursday. Please pray for peace because he is very concerned and that they spot is absolutely nothing.
Thanks everyone! I hope you all have a great week!


  1. Girl your weekend sounds amazing!!! I love Designing Women, Cheesecake corner, The Majestic and Sleeping Beauty! I bet the ballet was amazing! I heard that Beth Moore was incredible...which I have no doubt!

    And I will for sure keep your Dad in my prayers! Keep us updated!!!!

  2. Hope everything is ok with your Dad. I will say a prayer for your family.

  3. Hope all goes well with your DAD!!! I am thinking of you!!!! xoxo!!

  4. Positive thoughts to you Dad!! :)