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Monday, April 19, 2010

Hello Handsome!!!

I think this is the best monday ever! I am so excited I can hardly stand it!! In 7 hours I will be in a fancy dress at a gala listening to this handsome man speak!!

Yep TIM TEBOW!! He is speaking at Union University in Jackson TN. I am working a half day so I can go home and get all prettied up for him! Plus its an hour drive to get there. I am really hoping that after he speaks that we can go and meet him! If so ya'll better be on the look out because I will post that picture on here tomorrow! haha! That would just make my year! Here's hoping!

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. Look at you lucky girl! Tim Tebow is a total hottie, and such a role model. I will cross everything on my body that you get a chance to meet him!!! Good luck and have the bestest time!