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Monday, May 9, 2011

All Sunshine!!

That is pretty much how my weekend felt!!

Do you remember the days back in school when the first weekend of the summer seemed like it was the best? Well that was this weekend for me! For starters the weather was perfect. I ran in the Junior League 5k and finished in 29:40, which isn't bad for having ran a half the weekend before. Then I had a date night with Lauren where we went to dinner, to see Something Borrowed (which was AMAZING) and then my newest obsession ... Yogurt Mountain!

Sunday was of course all about my Momma! We went to church then lunch and finally opened gifts. While we were out for dinner we talked about my Daddy's new phone and I suggested that we go check out the i phones, cause I still have not jumped on the bandwagon and gotten one. After I about stroked for how much it would cost a month (about $90 plus tax when I currently pay $40) my sweet parents brought up a suggestion ...

I have had my little car for 10 years and it has been great! We bought is brand new a few months before I turned 16 and it has never had any major problems but now with 112000 miles and the fact that it looks like a teenie bopper car I have thought about getting a new one.

My first day to drive my car to school ... Mom is in the passenger seat cause I wasn't 16 yet :(

I wanted a car that made me look like a secret agent but now I need something that I don't have to ask my friends to crawl over the seats to get in! haha!

Since I am paying for school and not taking out loans finances haven't allowed me to make this purchase. So they suggested that we look at some used cars and see if we could possibly split the car note until I finish school this year!! Which I think seems far and it deserved cause I made another 4.o semester!!!

So does anyone know of a place with some good deals?

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. I am hoping to see Something Borrowed soon.

  2. Great job on the run!! I can't wait to see SOBO, glad you liked it! I bet it was SO COOL to get that Sunfire when you turned 16, so fun :-) Good luck finding a fun new one that does the job!!