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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dressed for Memphis Flooding

Well the Mississippi River crested early this morning!! Now it will be a few weeks of receding and then clean up. We have been blessed and not had any flooding out in the suburbs but if we did then I was ready because one of the two swimsuits I ordered came in last night!

This is the Besty Johnston suit. What do you think?

If you watched the Today show this morning Memphis was on it! Al Roker was hanging out this morning in the flooding. Trust me downtown is pretty bad and out around Millington but most parts of the city are fine ... they just don't cover that cause it doesn't make good news.

Flooding seemed to be the topic this morning because on the "What ya doing at 201" segment this morning they asked a man about his thoughts on the flooding and Bin Laden. I love this part of the radio show!! If you missed where I have talked about it before 201 is our jailhouse downtown and we always get ... interesting people there!

Lets hope some of this sunshine and 90 degree weather clears up the flooding quickly!!


  1. I'm so wanting to listen to that segment on 201. Sounds hilarious. Praying for your town.
    Btw- swimsuit is super cute!

  2. Super cute...you look great in it !!

  3. You look great! :) Love "Whatcha Doin' at 201?" Hilarious!