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Monday, January 25, 2010

What a Weekend!!

My friend Lauren got engaged this weekend!!! So congratulations to her!! They will be getting married on June 19th! They had a surprise Engagement Party but I was unable to make it since I was in Melbourne FL! I was really upset that I could not be there for her, but we have tons of other things in the upcoming months!!

As I said I was in Melbourne FL this weekend. This was the first weekend that Bobby officially moved! He showed me his office building and his new office, we looked at his new condo and walked on the beach! We also went to the Kennedy Space Center! That was ummmm . . . very educational. I don't think we will be visiting there again but we can say that we have been! But I think my favorite part of the weekend, aside from seeing my man, is that I got to drive his new car!! After I got over being scared of it I decided that I think I need one! haha!

Since Bobby is now a big boy with a big boy job he decided that he needed some new bedroom furniture so we shopped around for that. I think this is what we decided on! It will be in black.

And this is the dresser and nightstands!

If ya'll have any idea about bedding please share them. He of course wants something manly but there needs to be a theme or color scheme going through it since he is no longer a frat boy, you know how they just go for functional and they don't worry about how nothing matches or is falling apart. Any ideas would be great!

This weekend was wonderful! I got to celebrate with a friend and spend time with my Hunny! Now I just have to get through 3 weeks and then I get to see him again!!!

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  1. I meant to ask you if he had his car yet! YAY! Glad yall had fun :) Oh and you didn't tell me that they decided on a condo...youre slacking LB!