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Friday, January 15, 2010

Welcome Back Beautiful!!!

Project Runway is back and I could not be happier!!

I was slightly disappointed last night as I watched. The challenge was to create something that showed off the designers style and what they enjoy creating. As I watched all the beautiful outfits I did not find anything that jumped out and said "Wow! That is wonderful!!" The first episode of last season I immediately found my favorite designer when his dress hit the Runway! I thought it was pretty and edge and I would have bought it that second if I could have!!

This time around they had good designs and I thought some were pretty but nothing jaw dropping, so I am hoping that as the season goes on there will be more WOW.

Okay I know what you are thinking! It is not my taste either but it is amazing work. Look at all the detail. The designer created a head to toe look. It is punk but with a girly pop. I like the ruffles on the bottom. The back looks great too! I love the bold red zipper! and the webbing of the strapes! It is an amazing dress even though I could never wear it!

This dress has a lot of runway to it! The overdone shoulder gives it an AVANT-GARDE look. It is okay.

This dress has good fabrics and the silhouette is very flattering. The ruffles around the pocket are precious but not a fan of the one right on her stomach! That does not look good on anyone! This is just a sweet dress and I like the ruffles along the hips!

I loved the fabic on this dress. The bubble skirt is really cute! Im not so crazy about the top and how one side looks unfinished, like it is not really attached. I hate the back! The bubble around the butt is so unflattering! And if you have any little booty that is not going to look cute!

The judge did not like this folds on the side but I thought it gave it alot of depth. Would I wear this in real life. . .no but I like it on the runway.

This is my favorite!! I love the color, the weaving he had to do! I love the fact that it had movement! It has a really cute back too! I would buy this dress!

I can't wait to see what they create the rest of the season!! I love that it has returned!!

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  1. I love the last one so much! I watched last night and I thought the same thing like who is my fav? I don't know yet!