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Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Years Resolution . . . Finally!!

Well it has been a week into the New Year and everyone at work has been giving me a hard time about what my New Years resolutions are. It was hard for me to come up with any at first because I did a lot of great things this past year that weren't resolutions; they just were things that I wanted to do so I went out and did them. I ran a 5k and a 1/2 Marathon and I became debt free by paying off my school loans!! I know what you are thinking "How about running a full Marathon?" But NO I have no desire to do that what so ever! haha! I am very content with the half.

So as I was thinking about what I wanted out of this New Year all the superficial cliché resolutions come up first. But nothing seemed to feel right about those. So I began searching myself and praying about what was this year going to hold for me. Well like He always does God whispered across my heart Sunday at Church. Our Pastor, who is amazing by the way, began to talk about where he wants us to be in the next three years. As I sat there and listen I began to think that they were all great goals for us to strive for but unless you have that type of heart personally then you will not have that heart as a collective body of followers. So for my 2010 resolutions I took some of what Bro. Danny spoke about and some that were just laid on my heart by God himself.

This is my Prayer for 2010

1. To seek God’s will and not my own.
It is worth the cost! Lay it all down! Be a living sacrifice!

2. To have a more powerful prayer life.
That prayer would be the first thing I do in a situation!

3. To strengthen my stewardship.
Do not miss a month of tithing!

4. To deepen my discipleship.
Being a better witness to others in all ways!

Also, Bobby wants us to start a devotional as a couple. Which is very hard to find if you are only dating and not married. I have found this one. Has anyone done this before? Or do ya'll have any suggestions?


  1. I love your list!! What wonderful Resolutions!! Let me know if you choose this devotional and what ya think!!

  2. I think this is a wonderful list..much better than mine! I need to re-evaluate mine :)