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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wishful Wednesday . . . Hair

I wish I had Jennifer Aniston's hair / hairstyle!!

Jennifer Anitson has amazing hair! She has straight hair like me but better! haha! She has tons more body and can make her hair wavy or straight. The only have two options! I have curly, which requires that I sleep in sponge curlers, and I did that enough back when I cheered! The other option is just straight with nothing special! Jennifer just has a natural not over done look that I love!

As for the color I would love to have Reese Witherspoon's color! I love being blonde but I am slowly turning brunette!! And it is not okay with me! I have played with the idea of coloring my hair but everyones always looks colored, but not Resses! I think she has the most beautiful blonde hair!! But then again I adore her! She is by far my favorite celebrity!

If you want to play along in Wishful Wednesday go over to Kelsey's blog at Seattle Smith's.


  1. LAURA!!!! I'm so glad you are blogging now lady :) And you are right on with these ladies..Jen and Reese both have such amazing hair!!!

  2. Hi! Found you through WW and Leigh Anne. I totally had "The Jen" back in the day and she always has such fabulous hair! I have that same picture of Reece on my WW for those sassy bangs! I love her color too! Hope your having a great day! Is it as cold in Memphis as it is here in middle TN? brrrr. xoxo

  3. You and I are one in the same...hence the reason we are besties now hahaha! I love Jen's hair and Reeses!!!!!

  4. Thanks girls!! And yes it is way too cold here!!