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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hint for a Healthy Knee

Happy Knee

Yesterday I went to the Doctor about the pain in my knee that has been preventing me from being able to run. I could tell that he was less than thrilled about my Half running! As I told him about my running and the pain I was experiencing he told me that 5k and 10k runs are great but that when you run a Half or Full Marathon you often end up running with less control because your body is fatigued. Also, you end up not realizing that you have injured yourself because your body is running on autopilot. Once the race is over you realize that something is wrong.
He showed me the x-rays and they looked really good! All the bones looked really strong and there was tons of space between my bones so that means that I have good cartilage built up! So what is with the pain right. Well we will know tomorrow. . . I have an MRI scheduled.
Here are two most likely cases based on the pain and x-rays.
I have pinched the fat pack, which is a pack of fluid behind your patella. This is the better of the two the treatment would be to rest it, ice and heat it, and take some anti-inflammatory meds.
I have a small tear in my Meniscus, often confused with a tear in the cartilage. The Meniscus is a harder cartilage disk that evens out your weight across your knee joint. This would require more of a healing time. I would have to rest it, ice and heat it, take some anti-inflammatory meds., and some physical therapy. If it is a large tear, which is unlikely, there could be some surgery but we do not expect that.
Of course I would love for it to be a pinch if anything at all! That would be less heal time and I
could run sooner. I am really upset that it looks likely that I will be unable to run in March for the Disney Princess Run.
Please keep my in your prayers for healing and quickly!
Hope everyone enjoyed their health class lesson today!