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Friday, January 8, 2010

Movies & Books & Plays OH My!!!

The next six months there is a ton of movies, books, and plays that I am super excited about!


The ultimate girls night movie!!

It looks like this one will follow the book pretty closely!

I am pretty sure this will be a great sappy girly movies!

Love her!

And the BEST for last!!! This is my favorite book so I am pumped!!


This is the classic book that I want to read this season! I did not read it in High School! But I am very excited about it now!

My current read!

Karen Kingsbury is amazing! I recommend that everyone starts to read her and they need to begin with the Baxter Family Series!

This book was a complete surprise to me today and I am can not wait to find out its release date!

Nicholas Sparks seems to find his way to my bedside table often! I admit it! I am that person who rereads!! And I will be picking this book up for the fourth time so I can remind myself of its wonderfulness before the movie comes out!

I love all of her books so I have been waiting for this one for a while!

The preview for this really scared me so the jury is still out on if I am going to read it! Candice is really pushing it! She is currently reading it and loving it!


In Memphis we have the Orpheum and I love it! These are the plays that I can not wait to see! I just know that they are going to be amazing!!


  1. WHAT!!! EMILY GIFFIN IS COMING OUT WITH ANOTHER BOOK???? Can you tell I'm excited? haha! I love her books! I can't wait to get that one! And of course I can't wait for Eclipse :) We will all have to plan another outing for it!! Have a great weekend girl!

  2. Hahaha I love Candices excitement! You do realize that you left off SEX AND THE CITY dont you???!!! And we will have to have a few girls nights to see these movies too...

  3. Oh my goodness!! I can not believe I left it off!! I can not wait for all our girl nights for these!!

  4. Great stuff lady! I have a little something waiting for you over at my place when you have time. XOXO