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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Things That Make Me Smile

My friend Candice tagged me to write about 10 things that make me happy! So here we go!

1) My Savior that loves me and died for me! Best thing to think about when you need to smile!

2) My Family
My Sister is pretty awesome and always has my back so watch out!

If I am still this much in love when I have been married 30 years I will be one happy girl!
The whole family! I love my brother-in-law a lot!!
3) My Girls

We even brave the rodeo together!

Aren't they beautiful!

4) Bobby
More in love then anyone can imagine!

He is too sweet to me!!

He makes me laugh more than anything else! Seriously I know it is cheesy but he is my best friend in the whole world! I love that we can just be goofy with each other! It was cold outside carving pumkins! (I just felt it nesscary to explain this)
5) Cruising

And I like to do it with the best cruise buddies in the world!

6) Tim Tebow

I think he is what every man should be . . . A Man that loves Jesus, A Cutie, and A Football Player!! And in that order!
Feel free to pause at this picture! I feel that it is nesscary!
7) One Tree Hill

I will never get tired of this show! Brooke is my favorite! She is so strong and won't be pushed around!!
8) Sex and the City

Gosh I love these girls! So exciting only 4 months!!
9) Running

I know it is surprising but me and the girls have started and we have now run our first 5k, Race for the Cure, and our first 1/2 Marathon, for St. Jude! We are going to be running in about 8 weeks in Disneyworld for the Princess Run!!
10) High Heels
I love the way I feel in them. I love the walk you get when you wear them! They help your posture! They are a fabulous invention!!
I had to tag you back! I believe those were the rules! Here ya go Candice!!

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  1. hahaha im glad that you made your list! its a great one!