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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wishful Wednesday . . . Golden Globes Gown

I wish I could have worn the gown that Jennifer Aniston wore at the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards!!

I love the open arm look! And if I had her legs I would wear a slit up to my hip too! Her hair is not my favorite but the dress is perfect!! I love her in black with her tan olive skin tone!

My two back up dresses would be Olivia Wilde and Kate Hudson!

I know Kate got a lot of bad feedback for her dress but since she is limited up top like me I love the extra ruffles and unique shape on the top of her dress to give her something extra there!!

And Olivia just sparkles! Again she is limited so I think the plunging neckline is perfect!!

Wishful Wednesday is my favorite blog day! If you want to play go over to Kelseys blog!


  1. Jen's dress was my second fav!!! She looks amazing as usual! And you can bet I would do the same thing if I had her legs :)

  2. Great picks!!!! I would agree on Jen's dress FOR SURE! :-)

  3. LOVE your choices! I didn't care for Jen's hair either, but maybe that is just a bad picture?

    I thought that how Kate's dress was on the red carpet was ACTUALLY the dress (I didn't know that she was holding it up) and I was very confused. The pictures that Kelsey has on her post definitely show how beautiful it was. I loved Oliva's dress too! Hope you're having a nice day :-)