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Friday, January 29, 2010

ICE Day!!

Yay!! I have the day off from work! This NEVER happens!! Thank you Mr. ICE!!! Here in Memphis we do not really get snow we get ice. The weather station is calling for ice all morning with the chance of 3-6 inches of snow on top! WOW!! So I will be working from home today. I know it would be great to not work but it is better when you can work in your jammies and watch the "wonderful" daytime tv that you never get to see (oh Days of Our Lives, how I have missed you! ) haha!

Well it is Friday and that means time for my weekly Project Runway picks!!
Its not the best but I like the jacket! It is cute and casual!
The one arm look is coming back and I am so glad! It is sexy without being revealing!
I think this is precious! I love it! It is not as high fashion as the next two but it is sweet and you can wear it anywhere!

This dress would be a beautiful awards gown!

This look is beautiful!! I love the high collar! Looks like it belongs on the runway!!

I hope everyone is staying warm!! Go make a fire and have some hot chocolate!!


  1. I think is really funny how I can never comment on your Friday posts because I've yet to see Project Runway (we always record and watch on the weekends!) But I had to comment and say YAY for ice days! Hope you have a relaxing day-- and weekend-- at home! :-)

  2. Hope you're enjoying the day. I'm catching up on my Tivo. But, now I have cabin fever. Go away ice and snow.