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Friday, January 22, 2010

What Are You Wearing To The Party . . .

A Potato Sack!!

Last night on Project Runway the challenge was to create a party dress using potato sacks! The designers did an incredible job!! I think I was more impressed this week than last week!!

Here are my favorites in order from least to most!

The lace on this was a wonderful idea! It gave the dress a really sexy look. By not dying the sack it was a nude color with the lace over! Very hot!

The hood is really cool! And I liked the way the skirt belled out! This dress has a lot of dimension!

Not my favorite but this was the only designer that chose to do pants. It was different, I liked it!

The dyed color of this dress is beautiful!! I like the wraping of the skirt!

The silhouette is very flattering! This is the designer that I liked the most last week and he is my second favorite this week! Hummm . . . watch out I might have found my designer?!

I love the way they made the sack look like feathers! I would so buy this and not be ashamed that it was a potato sack!!

On a side note: I finished reading Redeeming Love! It was an amazing book! I recommend it to everyone!! I will begin to read Dear John again before the movie comes out in two weeks, and I can not wait to start!!!

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  1. Those are amazing!!!! How gifted they must be to be able to do that!!!! I love, love, love that last one!!!!!