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Monday, January 11, 2010

Jesus doesn't have Facebook . . .

Separation of Church and State . . . well now we can add Separation of Church and Sports?!?!

This video of Colt McCoy is no longer allowed on Facebook. It was reported as being abusive and the administration of Facebook has agreed and removed the video with a ban so that it can not be added again.

Click here to watch the video.

Recently I have noticed so many young athletes that love the Lord and puts it out there for everyone to see! I think Tim Tebow started it off. He walked out for every game with different Scripture written under his eyes. As I watched The Bowl Week, yes I do love me some football, I remember seeing several other players with scripture written under their eyes. Then in one game I saw the entire offensive line with Scripture written on their arms. I got so distracted from the game by flipping through my Bible to look up the verses! haha! I loved the ones that they choose. Yes some were just about strength but others pretty much just laid out the plan of salvation on themselves!

What a message to send to the millions of viewers! It was one that could not go unmissed. My prayer is that as these incredible athletes move on in their career that they do not get wrapped up in the money and fame but that they continue to have that passion for our Savior.

As outraged as the Facebook ban makes me there was also another interview that told people that God is the ultimate forgiver. Brit Hume spoke on Fox News that Tiger could recover from this not only as a golfer but also as a person if he asks for God's forgiveness.

Click here to watch his interview!

I joined a Facebook group "Thank you Brit Hume"!! When I clicked on the group last night I saw the first comment was one full of offensive language and derogatory comments about Mr. Hume and the Lord. So what did I do after joining the group? I reported that user and their comment and I marked it as abusive to the group! ;)


  1. You go girl! Good for you!!! I'm so tired of everyone saying that we should all be open to everyones beliefs, but then as soon as a "Christian" says something, we get slammed for it? Basically all they mean is that everyone should be open to everything BUT Christianity!

  2. you go girl! Great post! Hope your having a great day! XOXO

  3. You are too cute...I would have reported them too! You know Im a Bama girl....born and raised but I have just recently become a Gator fan too....ALL bc of Tim! Well I guess Ill be a fan of wherever he plays. hah! Im not sure if you watched the Bama vs. Texas game...but the McCoy...the QB for Texas mentioned God and how God is his support and strength...I just think it says sooo much for players like him...we need more of them!!!! Amen Sista love the post!! :)

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this Laura! I had no idea the video was banned on FB! But when I saw his interview after the game I teared up. I don't care who's on what team when someone represents our Savior on national television. God is bigger than Facebook ;)