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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wishful Wednesday . . . Entrepreneur

I Wish . . . I Had The Start Up Funds To Build That Company I Have Always Dreamed About, And It Would Be A Tea Room!!

This Wishful Wednesday was made just for me! Opening a tea room has been a dream of mine for a couple of years now. The hold back right now is funds!

The inspiration for the tea room started back when I was about 12 or so. My family loves all things southern and we would visit several Antebellum homes on vacations. Mom, Sissy and I love the houses and Daddy likes the stories of the Civil War! This time we had gone to Nashville and one of the homes had a tea room that we ate lunch at. Well after that I was hooked!

From that point on Mom, Sissy and I would look for any tea rooms at any of our vacation spots. We feel in love with one in Dickson TN it was called Miss Mable's. Sadly this past June it closed after 10 years! It was Miss Mable's that really jump started my passion for opening my own one day.

Miss Mable's was different than many that we had been to before. It wasn't your typical luncheon. It was a traditional tea. They served all the courses with the appropriate food for each. They had a huge variety of hot teas! And the best part was the decor. There were hats hang on the walls everywhere and you will encouraged to roam around, even in a room that someone else was eating in, and pick out a hat or mink that you wanted. It was like playing dress up even as a grown up!

This is what I envision my tea room being like! Miss Mable's even went beyond tea. Once a month in the summer she would have movie night and would show movies on the side of the building. She also had a bi monthly dinner but it is less girly for the boys! Around Christmas she would have a horse drawn sleigh that you could ride in after her dinners.

She even created a village! With a quilt store and a tea room for little girls! Those are still in business so you should check out her website!

I am saving up so maybe this will be something I can get going in the next couple of years!

If you want to play along visit Kelsey's blog!


  1. Im in love with this idea girl! I wish there were a place like that around here so Macy could have a tea party/birthday party....and mommy could have some with the ladies too! XOXO

  2. I will come and eat at your Tea Room:) Are we still on for the Arlington Tea Room on Friday?? Hope so! I'm looking forward to our Friday lunch dates! Love you!

  3. Love the idea!! How sweet!!!!! I would so come and visit your tea room...I love tea ans sweets! Sounds like the perfect place for me!!

  4. Such a fun a idea! I loved how you described Miss Mabels... I feel like I've been there, though I've never even been TO a Tea Room! Sounds soo fabulous and full of creativity! Fun choice! :-)