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Thursday, January 13, 2011

49 out of 50?!

So today on the radio I heard that there is currently snow in 49 states!! Thats crazy!

We still have a inch or two left from this weekends snow storm. In Memphis we don't get a lot of snow so after two or three little snow days, little meaning about 3 inches, I have had my winter fix and I am ready for dresses, cute strappy shoes (complete with a pedicure) and bikinis!

Speaking of dresses:

This spring I will be in two of my friends weddings. One in April and the other is in May. Saturday I went shopping with my Momma!! I got my bridesmaid dress for Kim's wedding. It is very classic. The color is going to be Cobalt Blue, Go Tigers!!



I also bought the dress to wear to her rehersal dinner. I forgot to take a picture of it and I can't find it online but I am sure I will post a picture of it before April.

As we were walking out of the mall I remembered that there was a dress that I had my eye on since Thanksgiving!! I was desperately trying to wait it out to see if it would go on sale. Don't you just love playing chicken with the retail stores?! ha! Of course it still wasn't on sale but they only had one left in my size so I caved and bought it. I have no idea what I am going to wear it to yet, but I am sure I will find something but I just couldn't pass it up!!

I hope everyone in the 49 snowy states is staying warm!!


  1. Beautiful dresses! Where did you find the second one?

  2. LOVE the dresses! Absolutely LOVE!

    And yes, I saw the radar map - with the storm covering all 49 continental states! Crazy!

  3. Really? 49 out of the 50 states..pretty neat!

    I have announced my book that I will be using for my book club. Stop on by my blog to sign up!!

  4. I'm in the ONE state without snow! =) ...I think.. haha - -did FL get snow?!

    I LOVE those dresses. You could wear the second for your bachelorette party???