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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just Supporting the Conference

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to have a snow day! For a little bit I thought that I would have to come into work but luckily at the last minute we got the call that work was closed!! So this now makes the fourth week in a row that I have only worked four days!!

I lounged around in jammies all day and read a ton. But I was a little productive and did jump on the treadmill for a while ... I do still have to run the half in Nashville so I can't skip out on training!

I also stayed up to watch the entire BCS Bowl last night! I was getting a little worried there for a second but Auburn managed to pull it out. It is so hard cheering for a team that you usually do not like just to support the conference. I've never really been a Cam Newton fan but I do give him kudos for his interview afterwards!

Five years in a row for the SEC!!!


  1. Staying in your jammies and reading all day sounds like a PERFECT day off!

  2. Glad you enjoyed your snow day! And GO SEC!

  3. I loved watching this game!! It was a CLOSE one!