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Friday, January 21, 2011

Let's Do This Together

On Leslie's blog she mentioned how she found her soon to be hubby on Kelly's "Show Us Your Singles".

The way it works is you think of someone who is single and fabulous. Being 25 most of my friends are just fabulous. ;)

I do have a single friend that instantly came to my mind! Of course I asked her permission and promised that I would spotlight myself is she would let me blog about her. She agreed that we should do this together.

This is my Best Friend Sarah. She is has the best sense of humor and personality ever, plus look at those adorable dimples!!

She loves the Lord so you have to be a man that loves Him as well. She is a southern girl who loves all things country. Currently she is living in Dallas TX working as a Physical Therapist Assistant but she is from Memphis TN. You would never know it since she has a love of wearing cowboy boots and going to rodeos. Sarah has a heart of gold and I love her more than life!! If you would love to meet her just leave me a post or send me an email, laurasbrown85@yahoo.com.

Now to hold up my end of the deal. This is me.

I have an undergrad degree in Business but I feel that God is calling me to teach, so I started grad school last summer and I am working on my Masters to teach middle school. I love to run and I am currently training for my third half marathon. I am crazy obsessed with reading. I usually have a stack of books by my bed but lately they have been ignored since school has started up again. Old movies are my favorite, something with Cary Grant is always the best!

Think of someone you know that is single an amazing and play along!

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