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Monday, January 31, 2011

S.A.G. Fashion

This weekend was so productive! I started running again since I feel better and I had a ton of homework which all got done. I feel super accomplished and ready for the week ahead.

While running a doing all my homework I did manage to catch some of the S.A.G. Awards fashion. I love watching E's Live from the Red Carpet! Here are some of my favorites!

Mila Kunis
She always picks colors that look great on her!

Christina Hendricks
This was different and I LOVED it!
Kyra Sedgwick

Natalie Portman
Much better than her Golden Globe dress

Tina Fey
Which are your favorites?


  1. I agree Natalie loooked much better in that dress!!

  2. I DIED over Mila's dress! It looked to me like the colors in a tulip... I want it.

  3. We missed the SAGs since we were ice fishing, but I'm loving everyone's recaps! Love Mila's dress and I think Tina Fey looks the best she's ever looked-- what a great dress choice!! And Kyra is looking SOOO fabulous this year!